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Engaged and Inspired Teaching
8th Annual Celebration of Teaching Excellence at Cornell
Monday, January 22, 2018 | 423 ILR Conference Center, King-Shaw Hall

The new Center for Teaching Innovation invites you to a day designed to inspire and prepare you for the semester ahead. The day combines seminars facilitated by Cornell faculty, lunchtime conversations with some of Cornell's most dedicated teachers, and opportunities for individual consultations about your teaching questions. All united by a focus on how teaching can inspire our students to, in the words of President Pollack, a "lifetime of discovery, a passion for ideas, and a commitment to seeking the truth."


All sessions will be held in the ILR Conference Center, King-Shaw Hall, Room 423.
CTI staff will be available to consult with you after each workshop on “just-in-time” class planning. Please bring your Cornell ID for registration and be automatically entered in the social hour raffle drawing. You must be present to win.

Time Workshop Speakers


Using Student Reflection to Create Deep Learning Experiences

Creating opportunities for students to reflect on course content – and its application – can powerfully improve learning. Sometimes considered techniques only applicable to small courses, electronic portfolios and blogs mean reflection can be part of courses of any size or discipline. Join Professor Haines-Eitzen and Professor Pritts as they share ways they have integrated reflection activities that tie directly to learning.

Kim Haines-Eitzen
H. Stanley Krusen Professor, World Religions in Near Eastern Studies

Marvin Pritts
Professor, Horticulture


Large Lecture Class Innovations

Large lecture courses, whether they include 60 students or 600, present a range of challenges. How do you ask hundreds of students to consistently apply what they are learning and assess their work? How do students get feedback on their efforts? How do you meaningfully assess student learning without burying yourself in grading? Join Professor Casasola and Professor Margolin as they share creative ways they engage students in meaningful learning in large lecture classes, and discuss ways you can apply these ideas in classes of any size.

Marianella Casasola
Associate Professor, Human Development

Drew Margolin
Assistant Professor, Communication


What Does Teaching Innovation Look Like in Your Discipline?

Some of Cornell’s most talented teachers invite you to discuss what innovation means to you and how you bring, or plan to infuse, curiosity and experimentation into your teaching.
2017-2018 Cornelia Ye Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award recognition.

Faculty facilitators


Measuring the Impact of Student Learning: The Active Learning Initiative

Professor Zamudio and Professor Maralani are faculty leaders in the College of Arts and Sciences’ Active Learning Initiative and will share their experiences in transforming large, introductory level courses to incorporate active learning. Learn about the different methods they are using to collect student data in order to measure the impact of active learning strategies on student learning. Consider how we can assess the results, and discuss how these methods can be adapted for courses in other disciplines.

Vida Maralani
Associate Professor, Sociology

Kelly Zamudio
Goldwin-Smith Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

2:45- 3:45pm

How to Handle Hot Moments In and Out of the Classroom

How do you prepare yourself and your students for hot moments in and out of the classroom? How can you be prepared when these moments occur without warning? What types of strategies work for discussions of controversial topics? How do you foster civil discourse? What preparation is effective for a large lecture? What techniques work for a smaller course? How might technology be used to assist or detract in facilitating discussion? Join Professor Villenas and Professor Zehnder to hear how they have addressed these issues and learn concrete strategies you can adopt in your classes.

Sofia Villenas
Associate Professor, Anthropology

Alan Zehnder
Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Social Hour

Network with colleagues. Share cupcakes and conversation.








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