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Cornell University

Distinguished Active Learning Teaching Assistant

(DALTA) Program in STEM

Distinguished Active Learning Teaching Assistants

Julia Thom-Levy

“The program will increase the recognition of the role that TAs play, and will help create a community of TAs in Gateway courses across the University” Julia Thom-Levy, Vice Provost for Academic Innovation, Associate Professor of Physics

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A new opportunity for graduate student TAs
in the sciences and social sciences

During the year-long program, participants will:

  • Receive training in research-based teaching strategies to improve student learning in the sciences and social sciences
  • Refine their teaching skills
  • Participate in an education discussion group
  • Work with a team of other graduate students and experts at the Center for Teaching Innovation to develop TA training materials and resources

Participants will receive a $1000 honorarium. A $250 travel award is also available to support presenting educational research related to the program (optional).


Applicants should be graduate students who are TAs in science or social science undergraduate courses at Cornell. We especially encourage TAs in large, introductory level courses to apply.

The applications are due at 5:00 p.m., Monday, June 18, 2018. The following materials should be submitted electronically to Carolyn Aslan (

  1.  Completed application form (link to Word file here)
  2.  Current Curriculum Vitae

Finalists will be notified in late June. Applicants selected to participate in the program will also be required to provide the following items:

  1. A letter of support from your advisor or department chair
  2. A professional-looking headshot photograph, to be included on the website.
  3. A brief biography, to be included on the website.

*International students must also submit a completed Foreign National Questionnaire. This form is required for taxation purposes related to the DALTA honorarium.


This program is a collaboration between the Center for Teaching Innovation, the Active Learning Initiative in the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Vice Provost for Academic Innovation, and is funded by a grant from the American Association of Universities.

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