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CTI Graduate Fellows Program

CTI Fellows Program


CTI Fellows play a key role in providing leadership and mentoring at Cornell through our GET SET programming, leading workshops at our U-wide Teaching Conference and presenting research at our Teaching as Research Symposium.

The deadline for 2018-2019 CTI Graduate Fellows Program applications is Mon, April 9th, 2018.

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Are you passionate about teaching? Would you like to become an effective teacher at the college or university level? The Center for Teaching Innovation offers two fellowship programs to all Cornell graduate students.

Graduate Teaching Assistant Fellows (GTAF) develop and implement programs and resources that foster teaching excellence at Cornell University.

Graduate Research and Teaching Fellows (GRTF) develop and implement programs and resources that foster teaching excellence at Cornell University. In addition, they learn to use research strategies to understand, inform and enhance their teaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Graduate Teaching Assistant Fellows Program (GTAF) and the Graduate Research and Teaching Fellows Program (GRTF)?

Both the GTAF and GRTF programs support graduate student teaching assistants in their pursuit of pedagogical innovation and excellence. They take ALS 6015, support CTI workshops and peer TA training programs to develop their leadership and mentorship skills in teaching.

The difference is that in the spring semester, the GRTF program participants are involved in an additional course, ALS 6016, to train them to conduct research in teaching and guided through a research project on teaching in their discipline. The GRTFs have the opportunity to have their research projects published as part of the GRTF Working Papers Series.

Both programs will provide a better understanding of High Impact Practices of Teaching, enhance teaching, leadership and mentoring skills, and prepare you for a future faculty position in higher education. Interested participants are welcome to join both programs over their graduate teaching career at Cornell.

Can I participate in both the GRTF and the GTAF Program at the same time?

Because of the concurrent activities of the two programs, graduate students have to select one of the programs for each academic year. The GRTF is a one-year program while the GTAF may be renewed for a second year.

Do I have to be a TA while a CTI Fellow?

No, but you do need to have had at least two semesters of TA experience at Cornell, before applying to either program.

Should I have passed the ‘A’ exam, prior to applying for the GRTF Program?

Students may be considered for the program if they can demonstrate that they will take their A-exams by early Fall semester of the year they are admitted. They must pass their A-exam in order to remain in the program.

Are there any tuition costs associated with these programs?

There are no tuition costs for participating in these programs.

Are awards available to participate in the program?

The CTI graduate fellows program does not provide any tuition scholarships nor monthly stipends.

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