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Cornell University

ITAP Summer Program Staff

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Summer ITAP Director

Kim Kenyon

Kimberly Kenyon,
Associate Director, Center for Teaching Innovation

Summer ITAP Lecturers

Mike Dunaway,

Mike Dunaway, Lecturer

Warren Hall 113
Sara LaPlante

Sara LaPlante, Lecturer

Warren Hall B02
Jayasri Srinivasan

Jayasri Srinivasan, Lecturer

Warren Hall B50
Mila Veshcherevich

Mila Veshcherevich, Lecturer

Warren Hall 138
Alice Wu

Alice Wu, Lecturer

Warren Hall 101

Summer ITAP Support Staff

Leslie Williams

Leslie Williams,
Office Manager, Center for Teaching Innovation

Sarah Cohn-Manik

Sarah Cohn-Manik,
Assistant Summer Program Coordinator

     Cornell University