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Building Inclusive Classrooms


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Aimed at faculty who have not yet made diversity a major focus of their teaching but are interested in doing so, the institute is also appropriate for faculty in the sciences who wish to adopt principles of active learning, learning styles, and other pedagogical approaches to promote an inclusive classroom environment. Learn more...

Inclusive learning environments are ones in which students feel that their contributions and perspectives are equally valued and respected. The following pages offer ideas and strategies on how to create and maintain inclusive classrooms.


How can you reduce anonymity and create a sense of community?

Establishing Ground Rules

How can you ensure that all students understand and practice respectful and productive classroom communication?

Inclusive Teaching Strategies

How can you ensure that students with a wide range of backgrounds, characteristics, and expectations have productive learning experiences in your class?

Classroom Climate

How can you manage classroom dynamics?

Connecting with Your Students

How can you understand and get to know students and why does it matter?

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For additional information on how to build inclusive classrooms and more, schedule an individual consultation. Contact us at or call (607) 255-7224.

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