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Designing Your Course

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The CTI provides teaching faculty at Cornell with resources for planning and preparing to teach, including designing a course and planning for individual classes. Faculty who are in the process of revising courses can seek an individualized consultation to review their syllabi with CTI staff. We also can provide workshops for departments or college faculty on course design and syllabus development.

Contact us at or call (607) 255-7224.

Use these pages to guide you in planning or revising a course.

Setting Learning Outcomes

What do you want your students to be able to do, know, or value as a result of taking your course?

Writing a Syllabus

How will you communicate your course policies, procedures and other course-related information?

Flipping the Classroom

How can you move course content out of the classroom to use class time for more engaged learning? See blended learning for ideas on how to integrate online and in-class activities for optimal learning.

Incorporating Diversity

How can you design your course to accommodate a diverse group of learners?

Universal Design

How can you design your course to accommodate the needs and abilities of all learners and eliminate unnecessary hurdles to the learning process?

Academic Integrity

How can you design your course to proactively deter academic code violations?

Working with TAs

How can you work efficiently and effectively with course TAs?

The First Day of Class

What should you plan for the first day?

Student Evaluations

How can previous student evaluations inform your course design?

Course Re-Design

How can you revise a course?

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