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What are some examples of global learning experiences at Cornell?

Dislpay Case Housing Some of the FIske Exhibition

"Introductory exhibition case for the exhibition The Passionate Collector: Willard Fiske and His Libraries. Fiske, Cornell's first university librarian, was an inveterate traveler, astute bibliophile, and brilliant linguist." Full Article

Global learning experiences give students the opportunity to look beyond their immediate interests and to broaden their views in ways that they did not even think about before. This is how they will turn into more savvy, tolerant, and educated citizens of the world.

Where to go next

Global learning at Cornell has a long tradition and many expressions.There are many examples of internationally-focused courses, study abroad opportunities, majors that require or encourage study or service abroad, internationally-focused majors and minors,andcourses of study that have an internationally-focused requirement or opportunity. There are also numerous co-curricular programs that support global learning: clubs, events, themed housing, internships, international speakers’ series and visiting scholars, a superb museum with a distinguished collection of Asian art and other regions of the world, significant internationally-focused library holdings, including the Fiske Icelandic Collection, and significant collections from Asia and Europe, a Language Resource Center, area studies programs that are reaching out to undergraduates, and community-engaged learning opportunities that focus on global learning.

Funding opportunities through Global Cornell and Engaged Cornell have supported development and spurred creativity, with new courses, engaged learning opportunities and other study and research abroad programs under development.The centerprovides smaller grants on an ongoing to support curricular innovation and change.Here are a few notable examples:

Internationalizing the Cornell Curriculum Grants:

Engaged Curriculum Grants:

Healing Plants and the People Who Use Them:

Global Health Summer Programs:

School of International Labor Relations International Experience and Service Learning:

International Agriculture and Rural Development:

International Agriculture and Rural Development:

Voices from Cornell Abroad:

Global Citizens and Sustainability:

Student Multidisciplinary Applied Research Teams:

Nilgiris Field Learning Center:

Students Standing in Front of Keshava Temple

Students at the Keshava Temple in Somnathpur (in India). Part of the NFLC trip to India.

A Group of Students Overlooking a Lush Valley in India

Students on a hike in India, as part of the Nilgiris Field Learning Center (NFLC) trip to India.

Studetns Gathered in a Market in India

Students at a market; part of the NFLC trip to India

Cornell in Cambodia:

Cornell in Rome:

Cornell Student Discussing her Work in Rome.

A Group Photograph of the Participants in the Rome Exhibition

An exhibition for works produced for the Cornell in Rome program

Cornell in Seville

Ecology and Conservation of Wildlife in the Neotropics:

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