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Teaching Ideas

Designing Your Course

Setting Learning Outcomes
Writing a Syllabus
Flipping the Classroom
Incorporating Diversity
Universal Design
Academic Integrity
Working with TAs
The First Day of Class
Student Evaluations
Course Re-Design

Large Lectures

Getting Started with Large Lectures
Teaching and Learning in Large Lectures
Technology in Large Lectures

Studios, Labs & Discussions

Teaching Labs
Teaching Studios
Teaching Small Discussion Sections

Building Inclusive Classrooms

Establishing Ground Rules
Inclusive Teaching Strategies
Classroom Climate
Connecting with Your Students

Two-Minute Teaching Tips

Benefits of Active Learning
Gallery Walk
Online Discussions
Just in Time Teaching

Global Learning

Definition of Global Learning
Rationale for Global Learning
Where to Start
Designing Short-term Off-Campus Programs
Resources at Cornell
Global and Intercultural Learning Workshops and Events

Assessing Student Learning

What Do Students Already Know?
Measuring Student Learning
Using Rubrics
Asking Good Test Questions
Peer Assessment
Assessment Resources

Engaging Students

Learning and Teaching Styles
Increasing Student Participation
Using Effective Questions
Active Learning
Collaborative Learning
Writing Assignments
Problem-Based Learning

Teaching with Technology

Getting Started with Classroom Technology
Classroom Response Systems
Survey Tools
Online Discussions
Integrating ePortfolios
Blended Learning

Faculty Seminars and Working Sessions
Upcoming Events

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